G'axir the Seer is a patron in the Blade and Stars in Baldur's Gate.

When spoken to, he will provide some foreshadowing of your heritage and terrible future before demanding that you procure a sphene gem for him from the basilisk's lair in the docks. He does not say why he wants one and offers no reward, but expects to get it nonetheless. After speaking to him, the quest G'axir the Seer is added to the Journal. Upon receiving the sphene gem, he provides more foreshadowing and 1000 XP.


Note: (#) indicates the number of times this person can cast the spell.

Side questsEdit

G'axir the SeerEdit

G'axir the Seer hires Gorion's Ward and their party to bring him a sphene gem.


  • "You... will meet your doom, today, child..."
  • "Your future... is hemmed in darkness. Your lives... are in the balance. Act wisely, act judiciously... and bring me the Sphene Gem, should you find it...
  • "You... are a light entering darkness. You... are a seeker of truths. You... are more than you realize. The Seer has spoken it because the Seer knows the fear you harbor, the fear you shall yet become. In the lair of the basilisk, you will find a Sphene Gem... You would do well to bring it to me."
  • "The Sphene Gem! Indeed, then... you are more than you appear. Someday, you must journey further through the muck and mire of this place for it will tell you as much or more than all of fabled Candlekeep... Like yourself, this city is more than it appears. There are cities below cities, dreams beneath dreams, the past laying buried beneath the crushing weight of the present... Go now, wanderer, for the time will come when you must walk through the darkness to find the light."