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Listen to me, my brothers and sisters... heed my words. We have been chosen as the recipient of a most holy miracle, one that should neither be dismissed nor ignored!

Gaal is the high priest of his beholder cult's God, the Unseeing Eye.

Related questsEdit

Find and Destroy the Cult of the UnseeingEdit

You will first find Gaal preaching to some Athkatlan citizens in the Athkatla Temple district and trying to get them to join his cult. After you will be asked to investigate the cult. You will then find him in his cult area in the Temple District sewers, where he will ask you to retrieve one half of a powerful artifact. After killing the Unseeing Eye it is possible to return to the cult area and kill him along some other priests.

Notable equipmentEdit

Gaal is in possession of the Girdle of Fortitude.

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