Gaelan Bayle is a member of the Shadow Thieves who lives in Athkatla's Slums District.

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

In Shadows of Amn, Gaelan claims to knows how to rescue Imoen, and will take you to his home. This will initiate Chapter II of the game.

He will tell you that a group will rescue Imoen for you for 20,000Goldpieces. He will later reduce the price to 15,000 Goldpieces. Once the party gathers the gold, Gaelan will reveal that he is working for the Shadow Thieves and will refer Gorion's Ward to Aran Linvail to further the quest.

Related QuestsEdit

Should the party ask about tips on how to collect the money, Gaelan Bayle will point Gorion's Ward to the person that initiated the Stronghold quest most relevant to the main character's class.