Away with you, beggar!

— Gerard's audio track

Gerard Travenhurst is a nobleman who occupies Travenhurst Manor in Beregost, along with his guards Carl and Jurgen.

He is reasonably welcoming to parties with Popular Reputation (even though his voice track is rude and dismissive to everyone), complaining of social isolation. But however politely you reply, he quickly dismisses you, saying he has important things to do. He clearly has serious social issues.



"Hold your place. No need for us to get off on the wrong foot. I rather like company occasionally, but most of the townsfolk are a bit standoffish."

1:- I cannot understand why, sir. You've a lovely home and seem quite amiable. Perhaps it is because of those two guards you employ?
That is an unfortunate possibility. They do seem take a touch too much pleasure from their positions, but I'd sooner have them than not. I doubt I should feel safe without them, what with the banditry rampant about the countryside. Mayhaps when things have settled I can maintain a more open house. Leave me please, as a member of the town council there is much that weighs on my mind.
2:- I've no doubt that you get few visitors. It is unlikely they would voluntarily subject themselves to the apes at the door.
Apes? Their demeanor may be gruff, but it is thoroughly appropriate for their task. Perhaps it is a tad unsociable, but necessary in these turbulent times.
3:- Your social problems are no concern of mine. It was a rich looking house, so I entered; it is well guarded, so I will leave.
*sigh* I get so few visitors, and when I do, they are common thieves. Leave immediately, please, lest I must instruct my guards to "help" you to the door.