Ghorak is a man living in his house (4225, 1919) in the southeast section of the Baldur's Gate Docks. He was cursed with an unnamed disease for killing his brother, Kereph. Ghorak looks and moves like a zombie.

When spoken to, he will warn you away, shouting that he is diseased. If you offers to cure him, it will start his quest. He tells you that potions and spells are useless, but then asks you to find the skull of his brother Skull of Kereph and take it to the Temple of Tymora if they wish to help him.



Depending on what you say to him you might miss the quest Ghorak the Diseased.

  • 1: Let us cure you of your affliction. 

This starts the quest Ghorak the Diseased.

  • 2: I'm sorry, but there is little that we can do to help you.

Ghorak will exit and never return.

For your own health and that of your children, come no closer. I was cursed with this fell disease as punishment for my wickedness.. Diseased! Diseased! Stand well back...

— Ghorak