Ghorak is afflicted by an unnamed, flesh-eating disease which gives him the appearance of a zombie (whether he actually is a zombie or not is unclear.) Many years ago he was cursed by the
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goddess Tymora for the brutal slaying of his brother Kereph. Perhaps there is a way to lift his curse.

This quest is given by Ghorak who can be found in his house on the southeast side of the Baldur's Gate Docks. When spoken to he will warn the player away shouting that he is diseased. If the player offers to cure him he will tell them that there is no cure. Then he will ask the player to find his brothers skull and take it to the temple of Tymora if they really want to help.

Finding and Returning the Skull Edit

The Skull of Kereph is in the Three Old Kegs tavern in Baldur's Gate North hidden behind a painting on the second floor. Once the player has the skull they must take it to the Temple of Tymora in Baldur's Gate West and give it to Agnasia, a priestess of Tymora. Baldur's Gate West must be entered from Baldur's Gate Central or Baldur's Gate Northwest. It cannot be entered from the south.

When the player gives the skull to Agnasia she will express surprise at seeing the it and explain Ghorak's full story. It turns out his brother Kereph was a priest of Tymora and had so much good fortune in his life that "people" became jealous and murdered him. His body was torn apart and his head was cut off and taken so that it could not be buried with him. Agnasia then thanks the player for returning it and advises that they return to Ghorak as she believes the curse will now be lifted.

Completion Edit

When the player returns to Ghorak in the southeast section of the Docks and tells him that his brother's skull has been returned to the Temple of Tymora Ghorak's curse is lifted. He gives the player his thanks but nothing else. The only reward for this quest is 1000 XP and a one point reputation increase.