The Ghost Knights are the souls of ancient knights that were defending Firewine, cursed to remain in their undead state until they rejoin with the Undead Knight. Their story is told in Poe's epic ballad The Knights of Days Hence which he will gladly recite to you. Poe is found near the middle of the Firewine Bridge.

If you do not have the armor they need (see quest below) they say:

Together enter... Together fall... Such was the vow agreed... None shall leave until all are one... Such the vow remains... We must be as one...

If you have the armor they say:

So it was... So it is... Together enter... Together fall... Brother traitor completes the one... Together free...

...and fade into peaceful oblivion.

Ghostly Knights in FirewineEdit

Ghostly Knights in Firewine is the quest given by the Ghost Knights. Defeat the Undead Knight, also in the Firewine Ruins, and bring his Ancient Armor to the Ghost Knights. Their curse is lifted, and your party gets 1,500 xp for their trouble.