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Ulcaster is the ghost of the former principal of the Ulcaster School of magic.  He haunts the site of the ruined school at night, near the entrance to Ulcaster Dungeon  at 3060, 670.

Speak to him (repeatedly) to receive the quest Tomes of Magic.  If you talk to Ulcaster while carrying the Ancient Armor from the Firewine Ruins and the Idol of Kozah from the Archaeological Site south of the Lighthouse area, he will swap them for the cursed sword The Vampire's Revenge.


Speaking with Ulcaster will eventually get you the Tomes of Magic quest, but he's in no hurry to reveal it.

  • ...the best of schools......
  • ...a storehouse of arcane knowledge......
  • ...lost, all lost... a common dungeon now...

And, finally, the quest:

  • ...all for knowledge did we strive... nothing left... Hope would return with the retrieval of the simplest of tomes... beneath the rubble... on the lowest floors... return hope... history is so important...

Once you have the quest, he will repeat this one phrase until you bring him the book that he wants:

  • ...we all shall live again... someday...

When you bring him the book to complete the quest:

  • ...knowledge returns with these simple words on parchment... to teach once more... in a celestial class... I will prevent the same from happening... some day...

Attacking Edit

Ulcaster is immune to most attacks, but does not have any poison resistance and so the Dagger of Venom can kill him. The party suffers an 8 point reputation loss upon doing so.

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