AR5500BG1worldmap Area East of Nashkel Mines is one of the areas from the World Map.

Area East of Nashkel Mines is also known as Gibberling Mountains.[1] It gets its name from a large number (18-20) of Gibberlings in a canyon in the north-east corner of the area, around 4000, 700 ... and, of course, from being east of the Nashkel Mines area.


Kryll will be here if you have Dorn in your party and the Charmed, I'm Sure stage of his companion quest is active.


  • Lena is in the center of the map at 3140, 2280, and her friend Samuel is mortally wounded nearby. Samuel is the subject of the Samuel and Lena side quest from Lena, and another quest from:
  • A Flaming Fist Mercenary in the west, 210, 2480, is also looking for Samuel, who he says is a deserter, and offers 50GP to turn Samuel in for the quest Samuel the Deserter.
  • Hafiz, a gnome at the NW corner (830, 905) has disturbing dreams about Gorion's Ward. Gain his trust and he will give a Protection From Magic scroll. He takes these dreams very seriously, and if the player says that they mean to be the one to survive the battle he dreams of, it threatens his survival, and he will attack. There is some additional minor loot from his corpse. Dialog choices to make Hafiz turn violent are: 1, 1, 2.
  • Gibberlings, lots of them, co-ordinates 4000, 700


East of the Flaming Fist soldier is a Ring of Fire Resistance in a crack in the cliffs around the middle of the map, west of Lena but on a lower elevation, at coordinates 1955, 2370, with a Star Sapphire and Ion Gem.

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