Girdle of Frost Giant Strength sets the strength of the wearer to 21. It is the best strength boosting belt available in Shadows of Amn campaign, it's bested by the Girdle of Fire Giant Strength in Throne of Bhaal.


  • In
    COADCNTR00004  BG II: SoA
    This icon stands for the Shadows of Amn campaign of classic Baldur's Gate II
    BGEEglow BG: EE (2012)
    This icon stands for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition without Siege of Dragonspear installed
    (SoA), it can be gained when fighting the demon knights summoned by offering an animal in the Kuo-Toan dungeons of the Underdark.


This belt is actually the woven hair from a frost giant's beard. When worn, the belt greatly increases the wearer's Strength, making <PRO_HIMHER> as strong as a frost giant.

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