The Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity can be found on the body of the girdle ogre in the Coast Way. It is a cursed item, which means it cannot be removed without visiting a temple or a Remove Curse spell. The girdle changes the gender of the wearer immediately, altering their appearance but not voice.


The cursed Girdle of Femininity and Masculinity, a rare yet oft-discussed magical item, is wrought with a most powerful magic. Anyone unfortunate enough to secure it around their waist instantly finds their gender to be transformed. It is said that not fifty years past, a nameless court jester was beheaded for presenting the girdle as a gift to Duke Lobelahn's lover.


The Girdle can be useful for solo female characters(or all-female parties) as some things in the game can only be done by male characters:

  • Oublek will only mistake male characters for Greywolf
  • Safana can only be recruited by male characters
  • Shar-Teel Dosan only challenges male characters
  • Nemphre's quest can only be started by male characters