Girdle of Stone Giant Strength raises the strength of the wearer to 20 points. It's one of the weaker girdles which boost strength, the girdle can be used by nearly all classes and has a weight of 2 lbs. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and can be found in Demin's house in Suldanessellar. This can also be found in the Black Pits.

In-game descriptionEdit

Girdle of Stone Giant Strength: As a young boy, Stewart Elttil was kidnapped by raiding kobolds after his family was slain. However, en route to their den the kobolds surprised a family of stone giants. These giants rescued Stewart and raised him as their own. It soon became apparent that the boy, no matter how hard he tried, could not compete in the family rock throwing contests. The stone giant father bartered with a local wizard for this girdle, which made Stewart as strong as his brothers and sisters. When Stewart met an untimely end, the girdle was stolen away.

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