I killed two ogres with a bent fork and some bootblack once!

Glint Gardnersonson is a neutral good gnome cleric / thief multi-class character and a potential companion.SoD

Backstory Edit

Glint is a worshiper of Baravar Cloakshadow, the neutral good gnome deity of illusion and deception.

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Edit

Recruitment Edit

Glint is available from Chapter 8, he makes his first appearance in the Flaming Fist Encampment at the Coast Way Crossing.

Related quests Edit

Like most gnomes, Glint has a very large family. His personal quest throughout the game is to track down a handful of his kinsmen and -women who live in the area, to make sure they are okay. Have Glint in party when talking to any of them:

  1. Hoach Randymonk, he's in Bridgefort in Chapter 9, you must have retrieved the Wardstone from the ruined Temple of Bhaal in Forest of Wyrms and use it on the magical runes at the east of the Boareskyr Bridge map to gain access to the fort.
  2. Pritchard Gardnerson, found in the center of Coalition Camp in Chapter 10, this part of the quest is also related to another quest Damius and Sempack give you. After the unpleasant conversion with him, Glint will ask you to teach him a lesson, force attack him (with a reputation loss of -2), when his health becomes critical Glint will tell you to stop and you'll receive his Pritchard's Family Stiletto, now go inform Damius and Sempack that you have dealt with Pritchard for some minor rewards.
  3. Barkersdottir (ghost), she's in the same cave where you'll find Ettin Club for Ettin Ghost's quest in Underground River caverns in Chapter 10.
  4. Rhonda Swiftfootsdottir, found in upper side of Warrens access from the Underground River caverns in Chapter 10, she’ll let Betror and Einer lift the machine for you if you haven’t already convinced them so you may now go to the Dragonspear Castle Basement.

You won't receive any reward for finding all his relatives.

You’ll trigger a series of unexpected events after you have placed the Barrel of Bwoosh! in
the Underground River or have met Hephernaan in the Dragonspear Castle Basement: all crusaders
in the Underground River will become hostile, and the next time you return to the
Coalition Camp, you won’t be able to freely explore the Dead Man's Pass otherwise the
Dragonspear Castle Courtyard will also become inaccessible, plus once you go to the Coalition
Camp after the event in the Pass, you’ll be forced to proceed to Chapter 11, rendering all
related sidequests incomplete-able.

Relationships Edit

Gameplay Edit

His default Weapon proficiencies are Flail/ Morningstar+, Sling+, and Sword & Shield Style+

His starting thieving skills are Open Locks 105, Find/ Remove Traps 100, Pick Pockets 30, Move Silently 30, Hide in Shadows 25, Detect Illusion 10, and Set Traps 5

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about his past, GLINT GARDNERSONSON tends to use three words where one will do and constantly breaks off on tangents as he speaks. Eventually, you learn that he comes from a large family and has always been seen as something of a troublemaker. He gained his nickname, "Three-Eyes," when his exasperated mother exclaimed that she needed three eyes to keep watch on him.
Glint happily expounds on his many adventures since leaving home; it's difficult to tell where reality ends and exaggeration begins. Though Glint initially ventured from Baldur's Gate in search of several missing relatives, he seems to have been caught up in the mission of ending Caelar's crusade.

Quotes Edit

You can't see me! I'm hiding! I'm hiding! Morale failure
I've traveled with a lot of great people in the past. More than you might believe. But this is the best team ever. Happy
Seriously? Seriously. We're making some seriously bad calls. Unhappy-annoyed
I'm at the end of my rope here. There are ample opportunities elsewhere for a gnome of my caliber. Unhappy-serious
That's it! I've had it with you and your poor leadership choices. I'm done. DONE! Unhappy-break
Nobody panic! I'm in charge now. Well, perhaps you should panic after all. But don't! Leader
My eyelids are as heavy as lead. Or steel. Or gold. Oooh, let's say gold! What I mean is, I'm tired. Tired
If you don't give me something to do, I'll have to amuse myself, and NO ONE wants that. Bored
Come at me! Battlecry1
For Cloakshadow! Battlecry2
Death comes for you on short legs! Battlecry3
I killed two ogres with a bent fork and some bootblack once! Battlecry4
Destruction! Ruin! Mayhem! Other synonyms for death! Battlecry5
Owww! Damage
My insides are becoming my outsides! Hurt
I regret nothing... Dying
Ah, fresh air and the beauty of nature! So... how long do we have to stay out here? Forest
Look at all these marks—I, I mean, potential converts to the glory of Cloakshadow. City
The Sly One protects us in the darkness. Good thing too, 'cause this place is nasty. Dungeon
Without the sun, we'd have no shadows. Day
Night time is the right time for sneaking! Night
You called? Select1
Yes, yes? Select2
Whaddaya need? Select3
Time to go? Select4




You bet! Action1
With FLAIR! Action2
Yep! Action3
Trust no one. Action4
I've done this a million times. Action5
I've done this a million and ONE times. Action6
Gnomes are the best! HUZZAH! Action7
Do as ye will, but 'tis for naught! Tiax must rule! Special1
Has Tiax mentioned he's going to rule? 'Tis inevitable. Special2
Oh dear. That's an unfortunate turn of events. To death-general
Neera! You can't die, not like this—there isn't nearly enough fire! To death-Neera
Trust no one. Select rare1
I've done this a million times.

Select rare2

In Baravar's name! Critical hit
No one saw that. Critical miss
This isn't doing any good! Target immune
My pockets are a little full right now. Had to drop it. Inventory full
Oooh, what have we here? Picked pocket
It's the amazing vanishing gnome! Hidden in shadows
Darn, lost the spell! Spell disrupted
Trap's on the ground. Step carefully. Set a trap

Dialogues Edit

Mm, yes, that should do it... What? Oh, <CHARNAME>! I didn't see you there. Well, I did; obviously, I did; I'm talking to you; I must have. But it took me a while. Sorry, what were we talking about?
My name? Oh right, right, my name. I'm Glint. Glint "Three-Eyes" Gardnersonson. Pleased to meet you.
Ah, yes. Yes. An old nickname. That's how many eyes Mum said she had to keep on me to make sure I stayed out of trouble. Turns out she really needed four eyes, but that—that's a long story.
Family's very important to the Gardnersonsons. I've a number of relatives 'twixt Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep. Mum wanted me to check on them and make sure they're all right.
That may be the first time in history someone's considered anything my mother wanted reasonable.
Spoken like someone who's never had to deal with my mother. I should be so lucky. Aw, nah, I didn't mean that. She's lovely, really. She's just... insistent. Like an avalanche or a tidal wave.
While I will attempt to get the scroll AND stay alive. Not necessarily in that order.


  • Glint's character portrait is based on one of the lead writers of the game, Andrew Foley.
  • He is the only exclusively male gay companion in the series.


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