AR5100BG1worldmap Gnoll Stronghold is one of the areas from the World Map.

Gnoll Stronghold is an optional area.

A single bridge spans the river and is the only path deeper into the stronghold area. Far side of the bridge is guarded by two ogrillonsGnarl and Hairtooth. They demand 200 Goldpieces to allow party to cross. By bargaining with them the toll can be reduced to 100 Goldpieces and 250 XP. However, killing them grants you 350 XP and their loot, including unique Gauntlets of Dexterity.

The area have sinked whole tree sections (pilings) of appropriate lengths into the ground, to make crude but effective stair steps down into the pits gnolls keep their prisoners in. Dynaheir is at 2470, 1400, at the bottom of one of the prison pits. Kept in harsh conditions during her imprisonment, as with Yeslick Orothair, she is below her maximum HP when found.

Below the stronghold, there are three caves which can be entered.

The player can post characters in areas they want kept clear; nothing will spawn in their field of vision.