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Greater Evasion is a more powerful version of the rogue ability Evasion, and requires that ability to be selected. It improves Armor Class by 6 (-6 to AC) and Saving Throws by 3 (+3 to saving throws). In addition, Greater Evasion adds 2 points to the rogue's movement speed (base is 10) allowing them to move with incredibly speed. In addition normal missiles have no chance of striking them. Greater Evasion lasts for 5 rounds.

In-Game Description Edit

Greater Evasion

A more powerful version of Evasion, this ability decreases AC by 6 and adds 3 to all saving throws. In addition, Greater Evasion allows the rogue to move so quickly that his movement rate is increased by 2 and normal missiles have no chance of striking him. Greater Evasion lasts for 5 rounds.

Requires: Evasion

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