Greater Malison gives all enemies in its area of effect a penalty on all saving throws.


The spell allows the caster to adversely affect all the Saving Throws of <PRO_HISHER> enemies. The effect is applied to all hostile creatures within the area of effect. Opponents under the influence of this spell make all Saving Throws at a penalty of -4.

Gameplay Edit

  • This spell does not stack with itself, but can be used injunction with Doom for greater ST penalties
  • In classic games, affected creatures are immune to the same spell, enhanced editions change the behavior so that the next same spell first removes the affected source then implements its own effects, this way, the effects such as duration will be "refreshed". This applies to most spells.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Tales of the Sword CoastEdit

Shadows of AmnEdit

Throne of BhaalEdit