AR4000BG1worldmap Gullykin is one of the areas from the World Map.

Gullykin is an area where the halfling village is located. There is no store, only a Temple of Yondalla and Alvanhendar's Fine Wines. The secret entrances to the Firewine Ruins are shortcuts, of sorts, to Firewine Bridge, if the party can navigate the dungeon, with respawning Kobolds, in under eight game hours.


  • Not essential to completing the game.



  • None


All of the houses are round, naturally, for halfling houses; all have the same layout when entered, no matter which side the door was on. They have stairs down to the basement. The upper floors all have three containers: two cupboards, which may be locked or unlocked, to the west/left and north/top, and a bookshelf on the right that is always open. The bookshelves only ever contain books and scrolls, and books and scrolls are never found in the other containers. The lower floors have two bookcases and a writing desk to the east/right, a cupboard to the west, and a lockbox in the center.

Assassination attemptsEdit


Treasures info given for Baldur's Gate (game). Differs for BG:EE.

Some of the containers are probably random loot, and possibly level-dependent.

  • 200, 925. Jenkal's house
    • Upstairs: History of the Darkness - the book that Ulcaster, the wraith, gives 1000 xp for. 
    • Basement: Jenkal, and a secret door to the west/left and History of the Red Ravens on the southernmost of two eastern bookshelves, and 85 GP in the lockbox.
  • 770, 430, next to the Winery.
    • Upstairs: Two locked with poor loot, empty bookshelf.
    • Basement: all open, poor loot.
  • 1340, 660.
  • 1330, 1110.
    • Upstairs: Sling +1, north cupboard. History of the Vast.
    • Basement: History of the Unicorn Run (used in a quest in Baldur's Gate North) in one bookcase, and History of the Valley of the Gods in another.
  • 1900, 570.
    • Upstairs: All open, poor loot.
    • Basement: History of the Heartlands and History of the Darkness (worth 1000 xp, see Tomes of Magic). Locked cabinet on the right- Sling; even regular slings are rare. Lockbox - Potion of Defense.
  • 2750, 300.
    • Upstairs: All open, 13 GP western cupboard, rest empty.
    • Basement: History of the Moonsea . Lockbox - locked but empty

In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition the copies of History of the Darkness here (200, 925 & 1900, 570) and elsewhere are replaced by the History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness, except in the Ulcaster Dungeon where Ulcaster's Dusty History Book is found. Although they are identical in content, only Ulcaster's book satisfies his quest.

Treasure found in BG:EE not listed above (much of it probably accounted for above as "poor loot"):



There are also two entrances in the village to the Firewine Ruins:

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