Gurke's Cloak is a side quest which is started inside the Jovial Juggler inn, where you will find the dwarf Gurke. He is rather grumpy, because his Cloak of Non-Detection was stolen by a Tasloi in Cloakwood Forest of all places.

Although you will probably pick up this quest early in Chapter 1, it cannot be completed until the Cloakwood Forest areas are unlocked after reaching Chapter 4. When you retrieve the cloak, bring it back to Gurke, who will tell you to keep it. If the leader of the party has Charisma of 17 or or more, you can convince him to pay for your services. This will earn you an extra 250-300 gold.

The Tasloi holding the cloak itself can be found in the first area of the cloakwood forests, in the bottom right of the map.

In your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Speaking to Gurke in the Jovial Juggler
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Gurke's Cloak
  • Quest Begins:
    Gurke, a crusty old dwarf in Beregost, has had his supposedly famous cloak stolen from him by a batch of tasloi in the Cloakwood. After our brief encounter, I have come to the conclusion that I'd do almost anything to rid him of that sour mood!
  • Quest Completed:
    I have traveled to the Cloakwood, returned with Gurke's cloak, and all for naught!  It appears that his misadventures have turned him into a minor folk hero here in Beregost.  People toss coins at his feet to hear his embellished prattle, but I swear I shall have none of it.  Fie on him and the cloak he left with me, too!