Gyllian is a drunk noblewoman, who frequents Feldepost's Inn.

She has a thing for adventurers, but has no role in the game.

Do you mind! I'm going shopping.


"Ooh, Hello! You must join me for a while, I insist"

  • 1:-When a lady offers me a drink, how can I refuse?
This all reminds of a time when Betsy and I were still... Hoo, I'm so silly‚– I don't know a Betsy! Tee hee hee‚– Hic! Whooo...!
  • 2:-You do seem to be enjoying yourself...
I do enjoy my daily tipple, I do! (hic) Is it time for scones yet?

Whichever response you choose, that will be the last you hear from Gyllian. She refuses further conversation as she disappears, forever.

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