Habib Khalid Achmed Allafif is a thief in Shadows of Amn, who will randomly appear somewhere in Athkatla and throw something after Gorion's Ward's party before fleeing.

I will throw my mighty scimitar at your head […]

Possible places where this might happen are near the northern exit of the Athkatla Slums or near the northeastern exit of the Docks, each during night.

Oh... uh... normally that works...

After this event – and probably similar others, with other "victims" – , Habib will feel guilty and try to toll to Ilmater in his temple at Waukeen's Promenade. However, this again turns out to become some sort of throwing attack, now with Gold Pieces.

Who WAS that?!

— Gorion's Ward

One of the locals. A... ah... thief, I believe, from Calimshan. His name is Habib, and as far as I can tell he feels guilty about his profession so he tolls to Ilmater for forgiveness.

— Priest of Ilmater

He throws his money into the church?

— Gorion's Ward