This sparrow is ready to fly... at your command, of course.
Haer'Dalis is a chaotic neutral tiefling blade and a potential companion in
BGIIlogoonly  Baldur's Gate Two
This icon stands for all Baldur's Gate games of the 2nd installment, which include classic versions and enhanced editions, but exclude the Black Pits content

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of BhaalEdit


Haer'Dalis is available to recruit from Chapter 2, he is more difficult to find than most companions, the party must go to the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District and go the base. After the play is done, Raelis Shai asks the public if someone can help them. Talk to the actor to start the side quest, Free Haer'Dalis from Imprisonment by Mekrath. After killing the wizard or doing a favor, Haer'Dalis offers to join the party.

Other than the first option, you can simply go to the sewers in the Temple District and approach Mekrath and either do his quest or kill him to recruit Haer'Dalis.



  • Haer'Dalis and Aerie will start dating each other if the male protagonist hasn't proceeded deep in Aerie's romance route. Haer'Dalis' interference can lead to a love-triangle


Haer'Dalis's tiefling race grants him 50% resistance of cold and magic cold, 25% fire and magic fire, 25% electricity, plus 15% physical. He starts with specialization in short swords, granting +1 to-hit and +2 damage, though he does not receive an extra ½ attack as he is not a member of a warrior class. He also has two +2 short swords usable only by him: Entropy and Chaos Blade. Entropy inflicts an extra 3 poison damage on a failed save vs. poison and Chaos Blade lowers the target's dexterity by 2 for 5 rounds (30 seconds) every time it hits.

Blade's offensive spin works well with mage spells like Melf's Minute Meteors and Tenser's Transformation, it's one of the trademarks of using a blade, who requires lots of microoperations to be effective in battle.


When asked about his past, HAER'DALIS states that he is from the city of Sigil, a nexus of the planes and the ever-changing domain of the Lady of Pain. He claims he cannot explain it better than that, as the planars defy description by their very nature. Haer'Dalis traveled with a troupe of players, tieflings of planetouched heritage like he, and they put on masterful productions to amuse both cambion and common berk alike. An indiscretion led to the troupe fleeing to the Prime Material Plane... here... which didn't bother Haer'Dalis much. He says that he is a Doomguard, believing in the inevitable decay of all things to make way for the new. The troupe has divided, but the tiefling bard is confident that new experience can only come of it.


Best to make a swift escape now, my raven! Morale failure
You make pleasant company, my raven. I'll be glad to tarry awhile in your motley group. Happy
Traveling with an angered cambion might almost be more interesting than the time I'm spending with you, I would imagine. Unhappy-annoyed
I see it now, the forces of entropy breaking our companionship apart. And it cannot come too soon, quoth this raven. Unhappy-serious
So! It has come, my raven. I'll leave this foul partnership, and it shall be as if we've never been acquainted. Try not to trip over yourself as you continue your dreary way, aye? Unhappy-break
So! Haha! My part in this little play has changed, has it? 'Tis a role I'll relish... Follow me, then! We charge on! Leader
Oooh, the lids grow heavy. Have we not the time to sleep and dream but even a little? Tired
'Tis dreary, my raven, this time we spend here tapping toes. Bored
May our deeds be sung through the ages! Battlecry1
Ahhh, mayhap THIS will be the end! Battlecry2
For the Doomguard, I strike a blow! Battlecry3
Ah! Damage
Repair me quickly, good raven, or bid me fond farewell while you can! Hurt
At last... oblivion! Ohh... oh... Dying
'Tis passing strange what you primes call these "forests." But it has a serene beauty of a sort as well. Forest
Aye, the lifeblood of a city. *chuckle* It ebbs and flows the same on any plane. City
Beneath the earth, our fates await us... and just think, we shan't need go far to lie in our graves! Dungeon
Mmm... the sky, it is a brilliant azure shade. Pity you primes have only the one sun. Day
Ahhh, night has laid her shroud upon us. A perfect time for a warm fire and a story to regale you all... were you not so distracted by pressing quests, that is. Night
This sparrow is ready to fly... at your command, of course. Select1
Aye, my raven? Select2
Fate beckons us all. Select3
Readier than a red-cheeked maiden, my friend. Select4
Urgent, is it?


I do not care o'ermuch for being prodded all the time.


*whistle* Action1
Aye! A fair gambit. Action2
A welcome laid for oblivion. Action3
Thy will be done. Action4
'Tis a role I am glad to play! Action5
I shall be glad to dance to your tune... if you but learn to play. Action6
Enter Haer'Dalis! Action7
Only if you're sure... Select rare1
Wouldn't you rather a tune? A sonnet? Some grand melody? ...Fine, have it your way, my raven.

Select rare2

A solid blow! Critical hit
A complete miss! Critical miss
No damage? Interesting... Target immune
I can carry not another stitch. Let it fall to the ground then. Inventory full
What was once yours is now mine alone. Picked pocket
My concentration is lost. Spell disrupted


Miss Raelis... I... I cannot come with you. Not this time.
Ah, my hound, this city be the great world of commerce! Perhaps we can sell Jaheira?
Why do you stare at me so, Jaheira? Have I offended you? My manner is oft grim, but I did not think you so sensitive to it.
Your heart is heavy, my mourning dove? Your eyes wander, I think, into dark and solemn places that others cannot see. Have a care, fair Aerie, lest they draw you in forever.
If we ever gaze upon the marvels of the City of Doors, my dove, it will be because we are meant to. One often arrives in Sigil without meaning to—or never finds it, even after an exhaustive search.
I find myself unable to tear my eyes away. In the Doomguard, we appreciate the forces of entropy that bring destruction in their wake... and with each passing day, I see a personification of that force taking shape before me!
Ah ha! What is it now, my fair Aerie? You think I am not looking at you, but I can spy your desire to put the bard to the question. Go ahead, my dove... I'll not mind.
A moon? Why, no, there never was. Just a city that stretched in all directions, curling in upon itself to sometimes block the sky. The moon is better, don't you think, my dove?
Was I mistaken, my dove, or have I heard a thought fall from your lips once or twice that you had aspirations of the thespian bent?
I have been thinking, my mourning dove, of a role to complement your first voyage onto the stage. And I do believe I have discovered it.
"You have come to me, my goddess! I have prayed for my love not to be denied, and my majestic queen appears before me!"
Aerie, my sweet dove, I have given you time to ponder my words, but my aching soul yearns for requitement. Do you not feel some measure of love for this solitary bard? I beg you to say that you do!
My mourning dove... the time has come for you to make a choice between us. I beg of you to decide, as my ailing heart can wait no longer!
But of course, my mourning dove. Whatever your wish might be, this sparrow will endeavor to achieve it.
Ahh, Imoen, my wildflower. Have I ever told you that you've a most natural grace and innocent beauty about you? 'Tis something any man would find most charming.
My dear raven, valiant as always! You are poetry—you are song!
A life on the planes as a new power? 'Tis not a life for everyone, my raven. No matter how powerful you assume yourself to be, there is always another stronger... and in the planes, this is doubly so.

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