Hafiz Bin Watat is an astrologer, mage, scientist and seer that can be found near the north-west corner of the Gibberling Mountains area east of Nashkel Mines (850, 850). He has violent dreams about the protagonist ending either in his own death or yours.

Useful gadgets I have, yes I do!

If you choose dialog responses 1, 1, 3 he will give you a Scroll of Protection from Magic to protect yourself against "the six who serve your father's killer."

If you say that you hope to be the one to survive the fight that he dreams of (responses 1, 1, 2) he will attack, and you will gain not only the Scroll of Protection but also 650 exp, 67 gp and scrolls of Color Spray and Sleep.

If you choose any other responses he will leave without incident (or reward).

Of all the rude... fine, good riddance.

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