Half-elves are the result of elf and human couplings. Like many half-breeds, many of the traits of their non-human lineage can be clearly seen. They are longer-lived than humans but will not live as long as pure-blood elves. They are more sturdily-built and taller than elves, allowing them more resilience than an elf, but they do not have the grace of their elven ancestors. They do, however, retain some of the elven resistance to charm and sleep spells. Like their elven parents, most half-elves have a deep connection to and love for nature. Like their human ancestors, they can pursue nearly any course in life.

Racial Traits Edit

  • Racial Bonuses: Infravision. 30% Resistance to Charm and Sleep effects (but only with G3 BG2 Fixpack Installed).
  • Stat Modifiers: None
  • Stat Minimum/Maximum:
    • Str: 3/18
    • Dex: 6/18
    • Con: 6/18
    • Int: 4/18
    • Wis: 3/18
    • Cha: 3/18

Classes Edit

Class Accessibility Edit

All EXCEPT Monks, Paladins, and the following Specialist Mage kits: Abjurer, Illusionist, Invoker and Necromancer.

Multi-Class Accessibility Edit

All EXCEPT Cleric / Thief.

Recommended classes Edit

Cleric/Ranger, Fighter/Druid (only race capable of these multiclasses), Druid (incl. druid kits), Bard (incl. bard kits), Conjurer.

Discouraged classes Edit

Anything playable by other races.

Half-elves are what you roll when you aren't planning on dual-classing and the other races can't be that class. They have bonuses to resist Enchantment spells if you have AD&D Fixpacks installed and have slightly better minimum stats so rolling is easier than it is on humans. Because they actually gain some bonuses simply for being half-elf, there are no situations in which you should not be one over a human unless it's a dual-class. Even then, it's probably better to be a full elf or gnome if possible as they simply have more beneficial racial bonuses.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Half-elves are a mix of human and elven blood. They are handsome folk, with good features from each of their parent races. A half-elf has the curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition of their human ancestors and the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of their elven ancestors.

Half-elves have the following traits:

  • 30% resistance against charm and sleep magics.
  • Infravision.
  • +10% Pick Pockets, +5% Hide in Shadows.

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