Racial Traits Edit

  • Racial Bonuses: Infravision. +1 THAC0 with slings. -2 bonus to Death, Wand, and Spell saving throws with additional Constitution-based bonuses (up to -5 bonus total at 18 Con, see "Shorty" Saving Throws).
  • Stat Modifiers: +1 Dex, -1 Str, -1 Wis.
  • Stat Minimum/Maximim:
    • Str: 6/17
    • Dex: 8/19
    • Con: 10/18
    • Int: 6/18
    • Wis: 3/17 (2/17 in BG:EE)
    • Cha: 3/18

Classes Edit

Class Accessibility Edit

Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Thief.

Multi-Class Accessibility Edit

Fighter / Thief.

Recommended classes Edit

Fighter / Thief, Thief.

Discouraged classes Edit

Fighter, Barbarian

Halflings, like Gnomes, are far more useful than they appear. Their main failing is the incredibly shallow pool of playable classes available to them. They make the best thieves in the game in terms of raw thieving abilities because of their ability to naturally raise Dexterity to 19, best thieving bonuses out of the demihuman races, and the big bonus to saving throws. In spite of the slight penalty for a max wisdom score, they make good single-class clerics because of the saving throw bonuses, dexterity bonus and THAC0 bonus to slings. There's also a strong argument for halfling saves outweighting their Strength penalty for fighters and barbarians, and halfling versions of these characters may simply focus on ranged weaponry instead. It is generally accepted that half-orcs and Dwarves make better tanks, because it's quite possible for them to attain a natural Constitution of 20.

In-Game Description Edit

Halflings are short, generally plump people, very much like small humans. Their faces are round and broad, and often quite florid. Their hair is typically curly, and the tops of their feet are covered with coarse hair. Overall they prefer the comforts of home to dangerous adventuring. They enjoy good living, rough humor, and homespun tales. There are three racial divisions of halflings within the Realms: the hairfoot, tallfellow, and stout.

Halflings have the following traits:

  • +2 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Paralysis/Poison/Death, vs. Rod/Staff/Wand, and vs. Spell, with additional bonuses based on Constitution.
  • +1 THAC0 bonus with slings.
  • +5% Open Locks, +5% Find Traps, +5% Pick Pockets, +10% Move Silently, +15% Hide in Shadows.
  • +1 Dexterity, -1 Strength, -1 Wisdom.

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