Hallowed Redeemer is an uniquely enchanted two-handed sword +2 wielded by Keldorn Firecam when he joins the party, who's also wearing his family armor.

Confirmation Needed In classic games, this weapon can be equipped by any lawful good paladin with the min ability scores of: 5 strength, 17 constitution, 12 Intelligence, and 18 Charisma.

In Enhanced Editions, it's flagged so that only Keldorn may be able to use it, not even by rogues with Use Any Item.

In-game descriptionEdit

Keldorn distinguished himself early in his career as a paladin and received this blade as a boon from Torm. It is exceptionally accurate, but also protects him in battle with a special Fireshield, and any that strike him while he wields it suffer Torm's wrath in the form of magical damage. None but Keldorn may use this sword.

Gameplay Edit

  • The sword's counter damage is quite special, it's named Fire Shield (Blue) but it deals magical damage which is treated as an non-magical damage type, thus it bypasses the creature's magic resistance but not magic damage resistance
  • It's effective against end-game bosses such as the Imprisoned One, if Keldorn's resistance is high, and is healing fast enough

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