Hand of Murder is a Bhaalspawn ability that can be acquired in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal if one has either the Unfinished Business (Baldur's Gate II) or Ascension mods installed.

Hand of Murder (Necromancy) 

Range: Caster

Duration: 1 rounds/5 levels

Casting Time: 1

Saving Throw: none 

When this power is called upon by the Bhaalspawn, they immediately do extra damage with each hit to their target with any melee weapon they wish (whether it be fist or sword), their dark energies travelling through their weapon and assaulting their victim...and absorb that damage as healing to themselves.

The effects vary by level as follows:

10th: 2 rounds, 4 hp extra damage, 4 hp healed

15th: 3 rounds, 6 hp extra damage, 6 hp healed

20th: 4 rounds, 8 hp extra damage, 8 hp healed

25th: 5 rounds, 10 hp extra damage, 10 hp healed

30th: 6 rounds, 12 hp extra damage, 12 hp healed

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