The Helmet or Helm of Charm Protection is a helmet in the Baldur's Gate series.

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Baldur's Gate Edit

Shadows of Amn Edit


As its name suggests, the Helm of Charm Protection protects its wearer from any magical attempts at emotional manipulation. As a precaution, some high-profile mercenary groups regularly equip their members with such helmets to ensure that they can perform their prescribed duties without external interference.

Gameplay Edit

  • The wearer is immune to Critical Hits, as with all helmets, but this one also provides a continual form of a Mind Shield. The description is a bit misleading, however, as it explicitly states that it prevents from all kinds of "emotional manipulation," while it only stops those spells that fall under this status effect. Thus, fear, panic and emotion are unimpeded.

Trivia Edit

  • The classic Baldur's Gate I version is similar to the Flaming Fist Soldier Helmet in appearance.
  • A version of Sarevok, who might appear in the first challenge at the Pocket Plane, Retribution, wears an unstealable and not dropped, yet working Helm of Charm Protection.
  • In the same challenge a version of Duke Eltan might appear in a different scenario, also wearing this unstealable and not dropped, but protecting helmet.