The Helm of Charm Protection is an enchanted helmet that can be found in several places.


The wearer immune to critical hits (as with all helms), and the helm also provides an continual Mind Shield status effect. The description is misleading as, even though it explicitly states it stops all forms of 'emotional manipulation,' only those that are stopped by Mind Shield are affected. Fear and panic status effects as well as the spell Emotion, are unimpeded by this helm.


Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

  • One is dropped by Draug Fea, who is part of a strong party which tries to rob you in the Temple District sewers.

In-game descriptionEdit

As its name suggests. The Helm of Charm Protection protects its wearer from any magical attempts at emotional manipulation. As a precaution, some high-profile mercenary groups regularly equip their members with such helmets to ensure that they can perform their prescribed duties without external interference


  • This helmet exists in the game files of Baldur's Gate, but it doesn't appear in the game itself.

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