Helping Irenicus' Captive Dryads is a side quest in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


  • While in Irenicus' Dungeon, you will stumble upon some dryads being held captive by Irenicus. They will ask you to retrieve their Acorns for them. A dwarf named Ilyich has the acorns, but he will not give them up easily.

Getting the AcornsEdit

  • Search the dungeon for Ilyich, he is found in the northern part of Irenicus' Dungeon's first level. Once you find him, he will attack you after a short exchange.
  • Kill him and his buddies and loot Ilyich's body for the Acorns among other things.
  • Return to the Dryads and give them their acorns. They will thank you, and the party will receive 9,500 XP. However, your task is not over.

Free the Dryads from CaptivityEdit

  • The dryads will give you the acorns to give to the Fairy Queen, in hopes that you will free them. The Queen, they say, is in the Windspear Hills.
  • After escaping the dungeon, speak to Gaelan Bayle. If Gorion's Ward is a Paladin, then he will direct you to Lord Jierdan Firkraag in the Copper Coronet. If Gorion's Ward is not a Paladin, talk to him anyway.
  • Firkraag will give you the Journey to the Windspear Hills quest. When you're ready, travel there using the Athkatla City Gates.
  • If this is your first time there, you will be attacked, tricked, rested, and sent on your way on another quest. Anyway, when you are free to explore the area, go to the southeast corner of the map and you will find the Fairy Queen, Vaelasa.
  • Give her the acorns and the Dryads in the dungeon will be freed. The party will receive 9,750 XP.

This concludes the Helping Irenicus' Captive Dryads quest.

Journal EntriesEdit

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