Hexxat is a neutral evil vampire thief and a potential companion.BGII:EE

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Edit

Recruitment Edit

Hexxat is available before Chapter 4, if you haven't met her before sailing to Brynnlaw, you miss the chance to recruit her. She can be found in Dragomir's Tomb entered from Athkatla Graveyard after accepting Clara's request in Copper Coronet in Slums.

Related quests Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Keldorn - They can't be in the same party
  • Mazzy - Conflicts

Gameplay analysis Edit

Hexxat is the only undead companion in game, she will refuse to equip anti-undead weapons such as Daystar or the Burning Earth.

Being a vampire she regenerates and has several special abilities:

  • Children of the Night - Summons 1d4 creatures, depending on her level:, 1-10: rats, 11-20: wolves, 21-30: shadows.
  • Domination (Hexxat) - This ability is similar to wizard spell Domination and priest spell Mental Domination, but casting time is 1, and the target has no option for release, even if made to do something against their moral. The Saving Throw to negate the effect has a -2 penalty. The effect can be reversed only by Dispel Magic.

After joining she will ask Gorion's Ward to keep Dragomir's Respite, a Bag of Holding containing her coffin. When "killed" she takes gaseous form, goes to her coffin and regenerates in a few hours.

Sun damages her. However, the Cloak of Dragomir allows her to travel under the sun, with penalties to her ability scores. She is equipped with an amulet and cannot be removed.

In-game biography Edit

A striking woman of Chultan descent, Hexxat holds her secrets dear. When pressed, she speaks in vague terms about her mother, a cleric of Ubtao, and the aunts who raised her. Of her life beyond childhood, she says nothing, other then that her immediate assignment was given her by someone known only as L. Discretion is a requirement of Hexxat's profession, and she prides herself of being a consummate professional.

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