There're timers in this quest.

Hexxat's request is a companion quest involving both Clara and Hexxat in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

Recruiting ClaraEdit

The quest is initiated by recruiting Clara before Chapter 4 in the Copper Coronet.

The first part of this quest consists of bringing Hexxat to Dragomir's Tomb in the Graveyard District.

Claw of the Black LeopardEdit

Keeping Hexxat in your party means submitting to various quests as delivered by her Master, L. The messages are delivered by lackey. To activate the quests, you must go to the Graveyard District where Hexxat will initiate a dialogue asking if you are ready to tombwalk via Dragomir's Casque. Instant teleportation awaits.

You arrive in Crypt of Durkon with trapped sarcophagi and some ghost monks and clerics. You can choose to fight them or dialogue. If you dialogue, they will explain that they would normally kill intruders but they need help dealing with other intruders first. Agreeing means they will not interfere if you go exploring later.

The main fight is in the northeast part of the tomb and consists of Umber Hulks and Mind Flayers. Chaotic Commands and other protections will be helpful.

Once complete, you can go exploring. They will let you access the actual tomb but there will be a mummy waiting for you. Negative Plane Protection is helpful.

Once you have the claw, Hexxat will ask if you wish to leave. You can kill some of the ghosts for XP if you wish.

Ending service to L Edit

The second quest from L comes days later. This time you must tomb walk to retrieve a shroud of an unborn child prophet. Go to the graveyard, teleport, and talk to the spirits. There are some magical items in the chest. Beware the baby statue.

Again, there are some traps.

as you go around the corridors, you will encounter bloated spiders who spawn many baby spiders when they die, along with normal traps and web traps. There is also a hall of statues. They will come to life and attack you but they are near death so not a major worry. The floor is trapped with nails however and is not a conventional trap so you won't notice it until you take damage. It takes three "hits" to cross, for 3 HP per hit, less if you haste.

If you have the baby statue with you it will suddenly be replaced by another that looks identical but now weighs over 1000 lbs, meaning that poor character will be trapped on the nails unless he has giantlike strength. Dropping the statue from inventory removes this.

Wizards are not super tough, with melee support from a Djinni, as well as mirror image and other defences. They like to use charm / domination so again, chaotic commands helps.

The library has some good spell scrolls. There is also one real book which you must read in order to advance. It retells the story of the shroud.

When you meet the giant face and put your hand in its mouth, the correct answers will only be options if you read the book. The last question, "what is the prophet's name?" Is a trick one. The answer is "do not know.". The door to the tomb opens.

In it is a bloated woman in a web with spiders attending. This is an Arachnae myth analogy. Woman, sews, becomes spider. Charm her and flatter her and she will give you the shroud. You can also fight. Not that hard. A potion is your reward.

When you go back to the graveyard, you can join Hexxat as she returns the shroud, thus ending her service to L.