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High-level class abilities, or High Level Abilities (HLAs), were in first introduced in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. They include passive always-on abilities, such as Use Any Item, Extra X Level Spell, abilities which are added as Innate, such as Hardiness and Assassination, and abilities which are added to the mage spell book or priest scroll, such as Dragon's Breath (spell), Comet, and Summon Planetar.

While some high level abilities are required before selecting others, such as Deathblow being required to select Greater Deathblow, other high level abilities block the selection of others. Summon Planetar can block Summon Dark Planetar and vice versa—in addition to this, they can also be restricted by alignment; good characters cannot select Summon Dark Planetar while evil characters cannot select Summon Planetar.

High level abilities become available after a character reaches 3,000,000 experience; the level varies for each class type. The minimum for each level is as follows:

Classes Experience Minimum Level
Fighter, Barbarian, Monk 3000000 20
Ranger, Paladin, Mage, Sorcerer, Shaman 3000000 18
Cleric 3000000 22
Druid 3000000 15
Thief, Bard 3000000 24

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