High Hedge Estate is the home of the mage Thalantyr the Conjurer, it also doubles as a store, offering numerous scrolls, potions and magical items for sale.

The building is patrolled by two Flesh Golems, in BG, they start as friendly NPCs who will only become hostile if player commence aggressive actions or failed attempt to steal from the store. In BG:EE however, they appear hostile on sight, which are very dangerous for low level parties, instead of fighting them, you can walk past them and head straight to talk to their owner, who’ll turn them neutral for you. Alternatively, you can kill them for 2000 XP each, with no side effects.

Store InventoryEdit

Even though he says that he is interested in buying magical items, Thalantyr will, in fact, buy pretty much anything that you are carrying except ammunition and some quest items.

Item Icon Item name Stock Selling price
(rep = 3) (rep = 8-14) (rep = 20)
Icon Dart +1 Dart +1 (x5)300 60 32
Icon Dart +1Dart of Acid +1 (x5)300 60 32
Icon Dart +1 Dart of Ice +1 (x5)300 60 32
Icon Dart +1Dart of Fire +1 (x5)300 60 32
Arrow +1 item icon BG Arrow +1 (x5)300 75 41
Icon Acid Arrow Acid Arrow (x5)200 375 205
Icon Bolt+1 Bolt +1 (x5)200 75 41
Icon Bolt of Lightning Bolt of Lightning (x5)200 225 123
Icon Bolt of Biting Bolt of Biting (x5)200 562 307
Icon Bullet+1 Bullet +1 (x5)100 60 32
Bullet icon Bullet of Electricity +1 (x5)300 75 41
Bullet iconBullet of Ice +1 (x5)300 75 41
Bullet iconBullet of Fire +1 (x5)300 75 41
Icon Potion of Fire Resistance Potion of Fire Resistance3 600 328
Healing potion icon Potion of Healing3 112 61
Icon Elixir of Health Elixir of Health3 375 205
Icon Potion of Cold Resistance Potion of Cold Resistance3 375 205
Potion of Explosions IconPotion of Explosions3 675 369
Icon Potion of InfravisionPotion of Infravision3 150 82
Potion of Insulation icon BGEEPotion of Insulation3 255 139
Icon Potion of Magic BlockingPotion of Magic Blocking3 2250
Icon Potion of Mirrowed Eyes Potion of Mirrored Eyes3 600 328
Icon Potion of Perception Potion of Perception3 525 287
Icon Potion of Regeneration Potion of Regeneration3 750 410
Potion of Insight item icon BG2Potion of Insight 3 450
Potion of Strength IconPotion of Strength 3 525
Icon Potion of FreedomPotion of Freedom 3 375
Potion Case item icon BG2Potion Case 1 300
Scroll of Protection From Acid IconScroll of Protection From Acid 1 1125
Scroll of Protection From Cold IconScroll of Protection From Cold 1 1125
Scroll of Protection From Electricity IconScroll of Protection From Electricity 1 1125
Scroll of Protection From Fire IconScroll of Protection From Fire 1 1125
Scroll of Protection From Magic IconScroll of Protection From Magic 1 3000
Scroll of Protection From Poison IconScroll of Protection From Poison 1 1125
Scroll of Protection From Undead IconScroll of Protection From Undead 1 1125
Armor spell iconArmor2 150
Burning hands iconBurning Hands2 150
Charm Person Icon ScrollCharm Person2 150
Color Spray Icon ScrollColor Spray2 150
Blindness Icon ScrollBlindness2 150
Friends Icon ScrollFriends2 150
Protection From Petrification Icon ScrollProtection From Petrification2 150
Identify Icon ScrollIdentify2 150
Infravision Icon ScrollInfravision3 150
Magic Missile Icon ScrollMagic Missile2 150
Protection From Evil Icon ScrollProtection From Evil2 150
Shield Icon ScrollShield2 150
Shocking Grasp Icon ScrollShocking Grasp2 150
Sleep Icon ScrollSleep2 150
Chill Touch Icon ScrollChill Touch2 150
Chromatic Orb Icon ScrollChromatic Orb2 150
Larloch's Minor Drain Icon ScrollLarloch's Minor Drain2 150
Horror Icon SpellHorror3 300
Luck Icon ScrollLuck3 300
Mirror Image Icon ScrollMirror Image3 300
Strength Icon ScrollStrength3 300
Deafness Icon ScrollDeafness 1 450
Ray of Enfeeblement Icon ScrollRay of Enfeeblement1 300
Power Word, Sleep Icon ScrollPower Word, Sleep1 300
Spook Icon ScrollSpook 1 150
Resist Fear Icon ScrollResist Fear3 300
Invisibility Icon ScrollInvisibility3 300
Detect Invisibility Icon ScrollDetect Invisibility3 300
Flame Arrow Icon ScrollFlame Arrow3 450
Hold Person Icon ScrollHold Person3 450
Skull Trap Icon ScrollSkull Trap3 450
Vampiric Touch Icon ScrollVampiric Touch3 450
Hold Undead Icon ScrollHold Undead1 450
Protection From Cold Icon ScrollProtection From Cold1 450
Protection From Fire Icon ScrollProtection From Fire1 450
Minor Spell Deflection Icon ScrollMinor Spell Deflection1 450
Icon Wand of Sleep Wand of Sleep 1 2250
Icon Wand of Fear Wand of Fear 1 3000
Icon The Horn of Kazgaroth Horn of Kazgaroth 1 13500
Icon The Claw of Kazgaroth Claw of Kazgaroth 1 15000
Icon Robe of the Good Archmagi Robe of the Good Archmagi 1 30750
Icon Robe of the Neutral Archmagi Robe of the Neutral Archmagi 1 30750

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