History of Shadowdale - Ashaba Becomes First Lord of Shadowdale is a book about Shadowdale. This goes about Lord Ashaba after the drow have been driven out the Twisted Tower, the seat of the Shadowdale. This book is the second entry in the 'History of Shadowdale' series, preceding History of Shadowdale - The Fall of Azmaer, Last Drow Marshall of the Twisted Tower and succeeding History of Shadowdale - Joadath and the Tyrist Massacre. This item appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate EE and Baldur's Gate II. In Baldur's Gate, this item is not for sale at any shop or merchant, but it can be found in bookshelves and other containers.


Upon taking the Twisted Tower and removing the drowish yoke from the people, the Dalesmen had fully established the Dale of Shadowdale, with its seat of power in the tower itself. Its first lord was a water wizard who had aided in the final attack; Ashaba, who was great in age when he ascended, and ruled peacefully for 40 years thereafter. It is said that Ashaba realized he was dying and turned himself into water, merging with the river. Since that time, the river, the ford, and the Twisted Tower all bear his name. Before passing on, Ashaba chose one of his trusted lieutenants as the new lord of Shadowdale. Presented to the people of the Dale, he was made the new lord by acclamation. In an additional honor, the pendant worn by Ashaba was thereafter recognized as the symbol of the lordship in the Dalelands, and was possessed by each of the successive lords following.

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