History of Shadowdale - Joadath and the Tyrist Massacre is a book about the Shadowdale. This book is about the lord of Shadowdale Joadath and how his rule came to an end. This book is after the events of History of Shadowdale - Ashaba Becomes First Lord of Shadowdale. Joadath and the Tyrist Massacre will be continued by History of Shadowdale - Aumry Rules in Peace. This item appears in Baldur's Gate (game), Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. In Baldur's Gate this book can't be bought from any shop, but is found in bookshelves or other containers.


The past hundred years have been an example of the best and the worst of the lords of Shadowdale. All have been nonnative to the Dalelands, though all made the land their home. A century ago the lord of the Dales was one Joadath, a stiff-necked agnostic who denied the power of any god, good or evil, and used force to back up his beliefs. During this time there was a great deal of religious persecution, including a massacre of Tyrists on Watcher's Knoll. Joadath was eventually killed by a beast of the nether planes summoned by parties unknown, which then proceeded to rampage through the Dales. The beast was killed by and Shadowdale rescued by the spellcasters Aumry and Sylune. Aumry was proclaimed lord by acclamation.

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