History of Shadowdale VI is a sixth out of thirteen books in the series about Shadowdale, followed by History of Shadowdale VII and preceded by History of Shadowdale V. This book is about Khelben Arunsun and how he took hand on the Pendant of Ashaba.

This book has no significant meaning, but reading it gives you some background information on the surrounding realms. It can be found mostly in bookshelves and other containers.


Baldur's GateEdit

  • Beregost, in two of the houses (two copies)


History of ShadowdaleKhelben Kills Jyordhan:

Lord Jyordhan's rule of Shadowdale ended when he encountered Khelben Arunsun, also called the Blackstaff. The story at that time was that Jyordhan accepted an invitation of Khelben to visit Waterdeep, and there took ill and died. In reality, Jyordhan ambushed Khelben as the mage was leaving Shadowdale, and the Blackstaff killed him. In either case, Khelben took hold of the Pendant of Ashaba (the symbol of the Lordship in the Dales) and returned to Waterdeep with it, promising to send a suitable candidate for lordship to the Dales. Jyordhan had ruled for five years, and without his advocacy, Castle Krag was abandoned and the Zhentil Keep troops routed. Jyordhan's previously chosen successor was a Melvauntan named Lyran, but without the Pendant this individual was considered a pretender to the throne.

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