History of the Last March of the Giants is a book about the last march of the titans which thought they could challenge the gods themselves.

This book has no significant meaning, but reading it gives you some background information on the surrounding realms. It can be found mostly in bookshelves and other containers.


Baldur's GateEdit

  • Beregost, in one of the houses
  • Nashkel, shelf on the 2nd floor of Manor House (AR4805)


History of the Last March of the Giants:

East of the Great Rift in the eastern Shaar once stood a land of the titans. This empire rose at the dawn of of time in Faerun, and its lords thought to challenge the gods in their arrogance. In punishment, the powers cursed the reigning monarch of the land with fascination and his brethren with devotion. The powers then dropped a star onto the land. The impact of the fallen star created a huge valley later known as the Sea of Fallen Stars. Slowly picking up speed, the ball rolled through the titan nation and onward to the south.

Unable to contain his curiosity, the titan king ran off after the the bouncing sphere and his devoted followers dutifully followed his tracks. The meteorite rolled on and on until it reached the Great Sea and vanished into the depths. The monarch dove into the sea, and lemminglike, the entire titan race swam dove in after him, never to be seen again.

Ashamed at the desctruction they have wrought, the powers vowed to keep both curiousity and loyalty firmly in check to avoid such disasters in the future. They have done so to this day, preventing both new ideas from being pursued with any speed and the intelligent races of Toril from ever fully cooperating.

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