History of the North - 1370, Year of the Tankard is a book about the northern lands of Faerun. This book is 9th in the serie, with prequeled by History of the North -  1369, Year of the Gauntlet and is followed by History of the North - Return of the Beast (1367 - ?). This item appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate EE, and Baldur's Gate II. In Baldur's Gate, this item is not for sale at any shop, but it can be found in bookshelves.


History of the North - 1370, Year of the Tankard:

Even before spring has graced the Savage North, reports of treants massing in th High Forest have reached all of the northern cities. It seems that all of the creatures of the forest have mobilized to restore the High Forest after the fall of Hellgate Keep. Something must still reside below the ruins of Hellgate Keep, however, for the Company of the Jaded Heart never emerged from the depths below the city. The treants have since blocked entrance into the ruins, sealing whatever evil still lurks within far below the sight of man.

But there is other activity in the North as well. Luskan still flirts with war, tempting neighboring cities and staying just below the wrath of Waterdeep. The barbarians still brew in the north, quick to take offense at innocent incursions into their sacred holdings. Rumors of the Zhentarim agents scouring the Fallen Lands for powerful magics from long-lost Netheril continue to circulate. And adventurers still abound in the Savage Frontier.

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