History of the North - The Crown Wars is a book about the northern lands of  the realm of Faerûn. This book is second in the series, preceding History of the North - The First Flowering and followed by History of the North - The Elven Exodus. This book describes how the High Moor came into existence. This book appears in Baldur's GateBaldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Although this book isn't for sale at any shop, it can be found on bookshelves or in other containers


History of the North - The Crown Wars:

Humans immigrated into bands from the Shining Sea and up to the Sword Coast. They became seafarers, striking out across the waves to the Moonshaes, Mintarn, Ruathym, and the northern lands. Elves engaged unceasing war against each other with the humans and the orcs taking over the resulting ruins. Perhaps the greatest calamity befall the Fair Folk was the Dark Disaster, a killing magic that took the form of a dark, burning cloud. It enshrouded the Kingdom of Mieyritar and when it faded away some months later, not an elf lived - nor were trees left, only an open blasted moor: the High Moor.

All was not dark for the elves. Although in retreat, as barbarian humans and orcs hordes grew in strenght, their power rose in the Elven Court of Evereska (remaining a stronghold to this day). They conceived a cooperation between dwarves, kindly humans, and other elves who for mutual survival against ocrs, marauding humans, and the tide of beasts (ogres, bugbears, trolls, goblins, gnolls and other nonhuman creatures) led by the rising power of the giants. Astonishingly, in at least three places - the Fallen Kingdoms and their cities of Silverymoon and Myth Drannor - they succeeded with shining grace.

To the east, on the sandy shores of the calm and shining Narrow Sea, human fishing villagers grew into small towns and they joined together as the nation of Netheril. Sages believe the fishing towns were unified by a powerful human wizard who had discovered a book of great magic power that had survived from the Days of Thunder - a book that legends calls the Nether Scrolls. Under this nameless wizard and those who followed, Netheril rose in power and glory; becoming both the first human land in the North and the most powerful. Some say this discovery marked the birth of human wizardry, since before then, mankind had only shamans and witch doctors. For over 3,000 years Netheril dominated the North, but even its legendary wizards were unable to stop their final doom.

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