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Each time a character gains a level, they add a number of Hit Points to their maximum, based on their class and their Constitution score. At lower levels, this number is based on a roll using the class’s Hit Die; so a Fighter would roll a d10 and then add a bonus from Constitution.

Maximum Hit Dice Edit

Each class is limited to a number of Hit Dice as noted in the table below. Once a character has gained this number of Hit Dice, they no longer benefit from additional Hit Dice; instead, they receive a fixed number of Hit Points at each level. This fixed number is not modified by the character’s Constitution score.

Class Hit Dice Maximum

Hit Dice

Primary Abilities
Warrior Classes
Fighter 1d10 (3) 9 Strength
Paladin 1d10 (3) 9 -
Ranger 1d10 (3) 9 Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom
Priest Classes
Cleric 1d8 (2) 9 Wisdom
Druid 1d8 (2) 9 Wisdom, Charisma
Monk 1d8 (2) 9 -
Shaman 1d8 (2) 9 -
Rogue Classes
Bard 1d6 (1) 10 -
Thief 1d6 (1) 10 Dexterity
Wizard Classes
Mage 1d4 (1) 10 Intelligence
Sorcerer 1d4 (1) 10 -

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