The Hivemaster is a Druid Kit for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition. It is available in The Complete Druid's Handbook.

Gorion's Ward cannot become a Hivemaster themselves, but Pai'Na, a half-Drow NPC in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, is one.

The Hivemaster is a Druid Kit that focuses on fostering and protecting insects and arachnids, including giant versions thereof. Most commonly stylise themselves after either communal insects, such as ants or bees (hence the name), or predators like spiders, scorpions and dragonflies.

Hivemasters receive a +4 bonus to all saving throws made against the bites or stings of poisonous insects and arachnids, including giant versions thereof. They also receive a +4 bonus to all proficiency rolls on agriculture, animal training and animal lore that relate to insects and arachnids. They may apply the animal training proficiency to giant insects and arachnids, are immune to spider webs (including that created by the Web spell) and add +3 to their level when casting the spells Summon Insects, Giant Insect, Creeping Doom and Insect Plague.

At 7th level, a Hivemaster may use one of their daily Shapechange uses to assume the form of a giant insect or arachnid.

As hinderances, these Druids can only use their Animal Friendship, Speak With Animals and Summon Animals spells and abilities on insects and arachnids, as well as suffering a -3 penalty to all animal-related non-weapon proficiencies when not dealing with insects or arachnids.

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