Hobgoblin (thief) (called simply Hobgoblin in the game) is an unique hobgoblin in BG and BG:EE. There are technically two in-game, one found near the Beregost Cave in the Area South of Beregost, the other found in the middle of Ulcaster's map. They are immediately distinguishable from other hobgoblins by their incredibly dark skin and bright green tunic.

They are noteworthy for having a pair of Boots of Stealth, related to a quest received in Beregost. Oddly enough, you may find a single pair on each of them, despite only one pair being stolen. In BG:EE this is fixed, as when one is dispatched, the other hobgoblin still spawns but without the boots.

Related questsEdit

Zhurlong's BootsEdit

The thief, Zhurlong, has ironically been the victim of theft when his boots were stolen by a hobgoblin, and he hires Gorion's Ward and their party to retrieve them.

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