Horn of Blasting blows a Sonic Wave specially harmful to medium and small sized creatures.

It can be be found in the dungeon of the Windspear Hills in the last room where a Greater Wolfwere tries to lure the party into a ambush.


General desctiption

This is a small horn. Horns are typically made of bone or metal and can produce a large variety of sounds.
Identified description
While many army engineers spent their time perfecting siege equipment, Julius Baggar delved into magical tomes for his engineering insights. Therein he found ancient scriptures that detailed how to make, control, and wield sound waves. The Horn of Blasting was his first and only attempt at taking the theoretical magical knowledge to create a practical new technology. An apprentice blew through the Horn, aimed in the direction of Julius, who had insisted on a "useful experiment." The resulting shockwave that emanated from the horn first stunned and then tore poor Julius apart.

Gameplay Edit

  • Pushes every non-gigantic creature except the user a few yards back, no save, but has no interruption effect during the pushback

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