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You have to help me! Them xvarts are after my cows again!

Another cow in distress! (Remember Dreppin's Cow Nessa?)

Hulrik can be found in south-central Lonely Peaks (the area north of Carnival) at co-ordinates 3000, 2800. His cow Arabelle is being attacked by eight Xvarts. If you are fast enough to kill all of them before they kill Arabelle you'll get 350 xp and Reputation +1.

Why are you talking to me? They're killin' Arabelle even as we speak!

Tip: You can heal Arabelle with spells.

Thanks for saving Arabelle here. Ever since them xvarts an' their kobold kin swarmed the mines at Nashkel, they've been makin' attacks like that more and more often. If someone like yourself could get to the bottom of that, all of us trying to make an honest livin' out here sure would be grateful.


Damnations! That's another cow they've killed. None of them are gonna carry off the meat this time, at least. Well, thanks for trying, I guess.

In your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Speaking with Hulrik after saving Arabelle the cow from the xvarts
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Xvart Raids
  • Entry Title: Xvart Raids
  • Quest Begins:
    ’'It appears that xvarts have been making regular raids on the livestock around Nashkel. They must be operating from a base nearby, but where, exactly, I cannot be sure.

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