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This page goes in general about humanoid races in Faerûn encountered in the games of Baldur's Gate. For specific information about a race, see the respective page.

This page contains a list of humanoid races. This includes humans, demihumans like halflings, and creatures such as sirines.

Humanoid RacesEdit

Dryad Edit

Main article: Dryad


Main article: Dwarf


Main article: Elf


Main article: Gnome


Main article: Halfling


Main article: Half-Elf

Half-Orcs Edit

Main article: Half-Orc

Half-Ogre Edit

Main article: Half-Ogre

Human Edit

Main article: Human

Nymph Edit

Main article: Nymph

Ogre Edit

Main article: Ogre

Orc Edit

Main article: Orc

Sirine Edit

Main article: Sirine

Succubi Edit

Main article: Succubus

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