Ice Star is an enchanted morning star +4. It has +4 bonus to crushing and THAC0, the weapon also inflicts 1-4 points of cold damage when the weapon hits an enemy and it raises the resistance of the wielder to fire by 20%. It weighs 7 lbs instead of 8 mentioned in the statistics section, has a speed factor of 4 and it requires 11 strength to wield this weapon. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal and this item will probably appear in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

It's dropped by Gromnir Il-Khan when he is killed.

In-game descriptionEdit

The head of this morning star appears to be forged from unbreakable ice-blue crystal. The handle is chill to the touch, and the wielder is surrounded by a soothing nimbus of cool air which protects against even magical fire.

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