There's a one day timer in this quest.

Idle hands in Imnesvale is a side quest that can be acquired in the Umar Hills.

Overview Edit

Dirbert, Neler and Valsben are aspiring young adventurers, though they are too eager—and far too stupid—to have any measure of success, but this fact is lost on them, and they insist that someone should fetch them swords and swill.  They can be found just north of Jermien's Home.

Walkthrough Edit

After speaking to Dirbert, the three friends request that Gorion's Ward and their party buy them some bastard swords and a 'keg' of De'Tranion's Baalor Ale to 'get them started' on their adventuring career. The ale can be purchased from Min Minling and the swords from Elence Fielding. The party is given 200Goldpieces to cover the cost.

At this point, you have four options:

  • Tell them to go away
  • Waiting 24 hours
  • Give them the ale
  • Give them the swords
  • Give them everything

Waiting 24 hours will cause the three would-be adventurers to accuse the party of being thieves, and demand to have their gold back, thus failing the quest. The gold can then be returned, kept as a lesson for their foolishness or one can threaten them, causing them to run away.

If anything is given to them, they can later be found inside the Umar Cave near Valygar's Cabin, drunk, where they will be scared away by a gibberling that they believe to be a dragon. The party will be scolded by Nelleck but otherwise face no consequences.

Journal Edit

  • Triggered By: Speaking to Dirbert
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Idle hands in Imnesvale
  • Entry Title: Idle hands in Imnesvale

The following entry is added to the Journal upon starting the quest:

I have, perhaps foolishly, agreed to purchase three bastard swords and some Baalor Ale for three youngsters in the village of Imnesvale. Mind you, how much trouble could they get into? One of the local merchants named Min Minling should have what they need.

After delivering any or all of the requested items to them, the following entry is added:

Well, I bought the three kids in Imnesvale what I promised them, and they've run off to enjoy it. Hopefully they don't get into too much trouble... and here's to hoping their parents don't get wind of this.

Upon entering the Umar Cave for the first time after giving them any or all of the items, the quest is completed with the addition of the following entry:

Did I ask how much trouble they could get into? I just ran into the three kids from Imnesvale that I bought the ale and swords for, and they were being chased across the forest by a gibberling which they drunkenly mistook for a dragon Ah, youth...