This Idol of the god Kozah is found deep within the excavation of an ancient temple in the Archaeological Site area south of Lighthouse. It can only be accessed if you agree to provide security for Charleston Nib, who leads the excavation. The idol has three uses in the game:
  1. Removing the idol from the temple summons its guardian, the Doomsayer, who is worth 4000 XP if you can defeat him.
  2. If you have agreed to eliminate Charleston Nib for his treacherous assistant Gallor and negotiated payment for your deed, give the idol to Gallor to complete the deal, earning 900 gp and a -2 penalty to Reputation.
  3. The idol, along with the Ancient Armor from the Firewine Ruins, can be traded to the Ghost of Ulcaster for the cursed sword The Vampire's Revenge.


This idol depicts Kozah the Stormstar, a long-extinct god who was venerated and feared among the less-powerful strata of ancient Netherese society. Worship of this god of storms, earthquakes, strife, and rebellion was outlawed by many of the civilization's powerful archwizards. Many Kozahyn shrines and temples were therefore built in secretive, underground locations where the devout were better able to escape detection.