Illithids, also known as Mind Flayers, are monsters with the ability to drain intelligence. Some are found in the Athkatla sewers in the Mind Flayer's Lair, in the mind flayer dungeon in the Underdark, in Watcher's Keep, and in Sendai's Enclave. There are some offshoots, including the highly magic-resistant and spell-casting Ulitharids, and vampiric illithids. Umber Hulks are often found with Mind Flayers.


Illithids use mind-affecting spells such as Confusion and Chaos to scatter the party and then attack the nearest party members in melee. Their standard attacks drain 5 Intelligence points on hit. A character will die when his Intelligence drops to 0 or below. Thus, a Mind Flayer may kill a low-intelligence companion (such as Minsc) in just two hits.


Protection against mind-affecting spellsEdit

First, the party should take precautions to avoid being confused by the Mind Flayers. It is advisable not to send the whole party to attack an Illithid. Instead, send just one fighter to hold it at a safe distance away and keep other party members out of range of the spells. Also, some protective spells and equipment help:

Surviving Intelligence Drain AttacksEdit

  • Use ranged weapons to pelt Illithids from afar;
  • Animate Dead to charge the Illithid, as undead are immune to Intelligence drain and letting your party members blast them with ranged weapons.
  • Other summoned creatures will also work, though they are susceptible to intelligence drain.
  • Phantom Blade creates a magical sword that attacks enemies on its own, allowing the caster to keep his distance from Mind Flayers.
  • Increase your Armor Class, since Mind Flayers have a mediocre THAC0 and will miss more often than not.
  • Use character with Intelligence higher than 10 for tanking, since such characters can survive at least 2 illithid hits; Minsc is a notoriously bad choice for this job, as he can die in two hits due to intelligence loss.
  • Try to insta-kill Mind Flayers with the Death Spell. Illithids are vulnerable to this spell, but their magic resistance is so high that the spell will not affect them in most cases.

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