Important Events is the Journal entry that logs your progress through the main story of Baldur's Gate. As befits its role in the game, Important Events is always the top item in the current Quests section of your journal. Don't assume that this means that whatever directions it gives should be the first thing you should do. Side quests are an important and necessary part of the game.

Prologue Edit

Find Gorion Edit

The game begins with the journal entry:

Find Gorion

Gorion, my foster father, has informed me that we must immediately leave Candlekeep and set out on a journey. He has given me some gold, and I must purchase supplies for the road, including weapons and armor.

Chapter One Edit

Go to the Friendly Arm Inn Edit

Go to the Friendly Arm Inn

With Gorion slain, I must continue onward by myself. My first destination should be the Friendly Arm Inn to the north. Gorion claims that his former associates Khalid and Jaheira will be there waiting for me.

Meet with Khalid & Jaheira Edit

Meet with Khalid & Jaheira

Safe at last at the Friendly Arm Inn! My next step should be to find and introduce myself to Khalid and Jaheira, friends of Gorion. They can give me some advice as to what to do next.

Travel to Nashkel Edit

Travel to Nashkel

As I have little else to do and few allies, I should devote some time to investigating the cause of the iron shortage in the region. My next stop should be the town of Nashkel to the south.

Chapter Two Edit

Speak to the Mayor of Nashkel Edit

Speak to the Mayor of Nashkel

I have arrived in Nashkel. If I am going to look into the iron crisis, I should speak with someone in power who might have useful information for me. Perhaps the mayor will be of some help.

Visit the Nashkel Mines Edit

Visit the Nashkel Mines

Berrun Ghastkill has informed me about the situation at the Nashkel mines. I should make my way there to investigate the source of its problems. It lies to the southeast of the town, and I should be able to arrive there quickly.

Enter the Nashkel Mines Edit

Enter the Nashkel Mines

I have arrived at the impressive pit known as the Nashkel mines, and people seem to be on edge. I should speak with the owner of the mines for permission before attempting to enter.

The Nashkel Mines Edit

The Nashkel Mines

Emerson, owner of the mines, has allowed me entrance. My next step will be to delve deep into the mines to see whether I can find what's causing all these problems.

Demons in the Mines Edit

Demons in the Mines

I've encountered kobolds in the mines and there seems to be more of them in the lower levels. I should seek out their leader.

Chapter Three Edit


Chapter Four Edit

Cloakwood Edit


The investigation of the bandit camp has directed me to Cloakwood. It appears there is a competing iron mine hidden somewhere deep within the forest.

Crippling Cloakwood Edit

Crippling Cloakwood

I must find a way to stop or at least temporarily disable the mining operation here in Cloakwood. Searching the mine may provide me with a way to accomplish this goal, but I fear it will be a bloody affair.

Chapter Five Edit

Baldur's Gate Edit

Baldur's Gate

I have flooded the Cloakwood mine, rendering it useless. It seems that it is time to visit the nearby city of Baldur's Gate. I must investigate the Iron Throne and discover their intentions.