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Ingot is a gnoll who can be found in the Area East of Gnoll Stronghold. He will attack you when you already have set Dynaheir free, saying "Grrraaahh! The witch hasss gotten loose! I shhhall gut herrr, gut herrr with my teethhh!", though if you are quick, you can click on him to talk before he attack you, to trigger regular conversation. Elsewhere, you can talk to him to either get a journal entry, after which he goes away vanishing from game, or provoke a fight. In
BGEEglow BG: EE (2012)
This icon stands for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition without Siege of Dragonspear installed
he carries a unique halberd, The Chesley Crusher

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Prisoner of the GnollsEdit

Ingot tells Gorion's Ward and their party of how he was exiled for trying to eat one of the prisoners at the Gnoll Stronghold, which may prompt further investigation.


~If Dynaheir hasn't been rescued~

"Grrrrruaarr... Wrrrretched forrrtrrresss! If you go therrrre, go to conquerrrrr!"

  • 1:-What fortress do you mean?
The forrtrrresss to the wesssst! I wisshed to rrrroasst the captive when the otherrrs would rather let herrr live within that cellarrr! Foolss! And now my brrrethrren make me an exile frrrom my own clan! Hearrr me, I ssshall tassste herrr flessh yet!
  • 2:-I will take no orders from a lowly gnoll. Now prepare to meet your hell...
Die then, wrrrretched pinklingsss!

~If Dynaheir is set free~

"Grrraaahh! The witch hasss gotten loose! I shhhall gut herrr, gut herrr with my teethhh!"